A Commitment to our Clients
and to our Employees.

From the beginning, Global Excel has always focused on ‘understanding, innovation and value’. We feel strongly that the ‘understanding’ has many facets: our employees need to understand our business in order for them to be confident decision makers; as an organization we need to understand our client’s needs in order to provide excellent customer experience; and we also need to understand the dynamics of our market in order to fully meet our client’s needs – now and in the future.

In addition though, we feel it’s essential that our clients understand what we do, how we do it and why we do it. Only then can they really determine if we’re meeting their needs. What started as an internal training program for our employees has since been expanded to a complete client education system. Our goal is to make sure everyone is working from the same page, with the same understanding and goals.


Internally the Global Excellence was created to educate all our employees on who we are as an organization and how, through our values, we provide our clients with excellent customer experiences. It is through better understanding of ourselves, and our clients, that we will create and sustain GlobalExcellence. All employees are educated through specialized training modules which cover all aspects of our business.


Externally GlobalExcellence is a customizable training program for our clients. They are able to pick and choose from a variety of workshops which we facilitate on site. The workshops are designed to accommodate a wide variety of experience and expertise – from executives through to claims processors. In addition, we publish GEMVision and GEMInsight, newsletters which update our clients on issues we feel are relevant to our market. On a regular basis we hold an International Conference at our location in Canada. Clients from around the world meet here to learn about relevant issues from market experts, as well as to network amongst themselves.

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