Expats and Students

International expats and students want to feel like they are at home in the U.S., and we believe that easy and efficient access to quality health care is a critical component to this. As a result, we tailor our programs to bring this ease and efficiency to our clients’ members.

Global Excel employs a dedicated team of contract and network managers, who work to build networks based on client demographics and utilization patterns, and which are customized to the members’ needs.  In addition, we have access to pharmacy, dental and vision networks in all 50 states.

Global Excel’s assistance and case management services are second to none. Program members have access to our highly trained and empathetic case management team, whenever they need it.

Our team closely monitors treatment to ensure that members receive the best care, appropriate to the condition and in line with policy benefits.  The member and his/her family are kept informed at all times by our experienced case coordinators and our nurse case managers.

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