Major Medical

When it comes to major medical insurance (also known as destination, catastrophic claim, or critical illness insurance), we recognize that offering policyholders a high-quality service is of the utmost importance for our clients. We know that clients need access to an array of customizable services to truly set themselves apart from their competitors.

At Global Excel, we have developed a major medical solution that offers our clients the information and support they need to help them effectively manage their destination or critical illness cases. We encourage our clients to personalize this service offering to fit their particular needs.

Our account management team is experienced at handling exceptional and sometimes delicate circumstances and requests. Clients can rest assured that their policyholders always receive customer service that is of the highest quality.

 We offer:

  • Industry-leading knowledge of the American medical system;
  • Access to HMOs and over 150 PPO networks;
  • The possibility of direct contracting with providers and information about provider alternatives;
  • Bill audits and comparison of results;
  • A dedicated account management team, experienced in handling exceptional circumstances;
  • Access to the information you need, when you need it.
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