The Start vs The End

Global Excel sees the cost containment process in a much wider scope than our competitors. For us, it starts with policy wording (many clients take advantage of our expertise in this area). It involves proactive medical case management. It means directing members to the right health care provider and having the right networks in place.

In addition to all of this, we know bill editing and adjudication are absolute musts for cost containment, if you want to be sure you’re only paying for services actually delivered, and ones which are covered by your policy. Other things to factor in? There’s the question of knowing whether or not your discount is a good discount, not just any discount. Plus, there is the possibility of being able to recover sizeable amounts in Third Party Liability (3PL) cases. At Global Excel, we go through each of these steps carefully to make sure nothing is left to chance.

Tying everything together? Industry-leading analytics. After all, if you can’t measure it, you can’t prove it.

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