After Discharge

Back-end negotiation and Claims Administration

Unfortunately not every case develops as it should and often insurers or assistance companies only learn of an admission… even a large one…   after the fact. Global Excel can help here as well.

There is no question that the earlier you can intervene in a case, the greater your potential for controlling the ultimate costs. But in circumstances where the patient has already been discharged and that hospital has already billed the insurer, Global Excel’s ‘blended approach’ to cost containment can be applied very effectively. Our expert negotiators will examine the bills and benchmark the charges against objective cost data. We communicate the various options back to the insurer and allow them to make the final choice on how to proceed. The key thing is that the client has the ultimate control – our job is to outline the opportunities, provide advice and then to execute the client’s final decision.


Global Excel also offers the complete range of claim administration services. From bill scanning and triage through to bill editing, adjudication and payment. All these tasks are wrapped in a comprehensive Quality Assurance program that assures consistent and accurate processing. Our Online Portal allows you to follow the entire process from beginning to end. Transparent reporting is key – if you don’t know how your claims dollars are being spent, how can you adjust your strategy to compensate?

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