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Medical Case Management with GEMClinical

Proactive case management is absolutely essential to managing healthcare costs. It is at this stage that cost avoidance becomes key. Without proper case management a large claim can quickly become catastrophic – simply because of lack of medical and financial oversight. There are always options – but if you don’t know what they are, it’s tough to avoid the dangers.


Our GEMClinical  tool is the ideal solution to help international assistance companies and insurers manage their difficult inpatient cases occurring in the USA. GEMClinical allows our corporate client to retain all contact with the patient, as well as all decision making power with regards to the medical treatment provided by U.S. facilities. Global Excel gathers the necessary medical information from the provider, summarizes it and shares it with our corporate client in a structured report. We reference industry-approved care guidelines to assist our client with effectively overseeing care and avoiding overtreatment.


Our doctors and nurses have an intimate understanding of how the U.S. system works and we use that expertise to provide our own medical recommendations pertaining to continued treatment, fit-to-fly, alternative treatment options and (when applicable) cost-benefit analyses comparing optional care scenarios. Our medical team is always available to answer any questions our clients may have.

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