Effective Steerage & Negotiation

hospitalvalueUsing a suite of proprietary tools Global Excel is able to compile a list of potential providers uniquely qualified to treat practically any condition.


When evaluating potential providers, true value is really a combination of the quality of treatment and the associated costs. In our industry, consideration for both quality and costs is virtually non-existent when evaluating a provider.   For many years, Global Excel routinely encountered hospitals with some of the lowest quality ratings billing some of the highest charges in the country.


Our FairChex tool was developed to combine both these factors together, essentially aligning a facility’s quality with its charges. The data used is completely objective – provider quality information is updated routinely from CareChex, an independent third party quality analysis firm, and the financial data is sourced from the U.S. government. FairChex allows us to compare any number of potential U.S. providers, including providers that may have been ‘recommended’ to the insured.


Global Excel is the only cost containment partner that routinely uses a cost-quality tool for pre-admission analysis. Once an appropriate provider has been identified and selected by the insurer/insured, Global Excel will then pre-negotiate the financial arrangements with that provider.

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