Our publications

Our publications

Several years ago we launched two Global Excel publications: GEMInsight and GEMVision.

GEMInsight is a shorter publication that explores topics several times a year.

GEMVision is a longer quarterly publication that does a deeper dive into a series of themes.

Our Marketing team takes the lead to compile of both publications, but the true stars of the publications are the departments that provide the specialized services our clients want to hear more about. In the past, we’ve covered a range of areas including our Complex Claims Unit, the GEM Portal and developments in U.S. Healthcare (a hot topic). If there is a topic or department you are interested in learning more about, let us know!

Back issues of GEMInsight and GEMVision are available in the Tools and Resources section on the GEM Portal. If you would like to join our subscriber lists, please contact us: GEMInsight at globalexcel.com.

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